Ditch your keyboard and mouse???

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    UD researchers develop revolutionary computer interface technology

    Sept. 27, 2002--University of Delaware researchers have developed a revolutionary computer interface technology that promises to put the bite on the traditional mouse and mechanical keyboard.

    “We have developed a technology that goes well beyond the mouse and mechanical keyboard,” John Elias, UD professor of electrical and computer engineering, said.

    Elias and Wayne Westerman, UD visiting assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, have been working on the new interface for about five years and are now marketing their iGesture product through a company called FingerWorks.

    The project started as a doct**** thesis by Westerman, who was then a UD graduate student working with Elias.

    The FingerWorks name fits because the technology uses a touch pad and a range of finger motions to communicate commands and keys to the computer. To open a file, you rotate your hand as if opening a jar; to zoom or de-zoom, you expand or contract your hand.

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    So does that mean you can't pick your nose anymore? I wonder what sort of command that would send? :eek: