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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamliner77, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. dreamliner77

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    Anyone use this? I use it and love it as a defragger. I only use it manually, so I was wondering if I have to keep the Diskeeper service active, or can I disable it?
  2. dadx2mj

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    I use Diskeeper and love i, it works much better than Norton Speedisk or the native defragger. Like you I do it manually and have the service disabled on my main machine. On my second PC I have it set to automatically defrag and that also works well.
  3. dmtuc10

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    I have tried diskeeper and it's o.k. but i prefer roxio's perfect disk
    because it allow's you scheduale a defrag ,and runs by itself afterwards with no hasle.:)
  4. dreamliner77

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    There are several ways to schedule Diskeeper to run automatically. There is an option in the program or you could always make it a scheduled task.
  5. leobull

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    diskeeper 7.0

    for those of you who have bought diskeeper. there is an update(build 407) . just install it over your current installation.
  6. westy1

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    I have diskeeper 7, running in the background set to defrag every 2 hours, takes about 30 seconds or less, I just carry on with what I am doing.
  7. ghayes

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    "but i prefer roxio's perfect disk"

    I'm glad to hear that you prefer PerfectDisk. However, PerfectDisk is from Raxco Software, not Roxio :)

    - Greg/Raxco Software

    Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.
  8. Ves007

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    2 HOURS your really running your pc 24/7.