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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Win Xp, Feb 21, 2002.

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    Both installations of Win XP that I am running on my desktop and laptop have this problem: When I choose a desktop background that is not one of my own files (i.e. it came with windows) and then choose another one later, the first one has disappeared and I cannot find it. I have tried searching for it by its name and it is not there. I first noticed this on my laptop this morning and I was able to get the background back by using system restore. When I try system restore on the destop computer it says that it cannot complete systme restore for any of the restore points I have chosen. (The desktop computer crashed last night when we had a power outage.) The laptop computer has not crashed. Any ideas?
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    hmm....how did you get the wallpaper in the first place?
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    if you are using the right click "set as wallpaper" method that is your reason. windows just gives the file a temporary name and overwrites it when you choose another wallpaper. It also won't add your previous wallpapers to the list. it just keeps it's own on there..

    my advice just make a directory called Wallpaper and store all the pics you wanna use as wallpaper in there and that way you can change easy
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    wallpaper origin

    The wallpaper comes with Windows XP. I haven't added any. It's just that once I use it, then switch to another one, the first one is gone. You can choose them by going to Control Panel, choosing Display, and then Desktop.
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    You can also find the wallpapers in C:/windows/web/wallpaper or just in C:/windows