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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Enigma X, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. Enigma X

    Enigma X Guest

    :( When I run command prompt, I am told, "command prompt has

    been disabled by your system administrator." How do I (as

    administrator) get access to my command prompt again ? :(

  2. Enigma X

    Enigma X Guest

    No. I cannot run cmd.exe

    I am working on a standalone computer (home use)

    No other computers connected.

  3. gaskill

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    Hey, if you're using XP Pro you can give the Group Policy editor a try. Open the run box and type "gpedit.msc". Take a look under "User Configuration - Administrative Templates - System" and look for a setting called "Prevent access to the command prompt" Set this to "disabled" and try opening the prompt again. I hope this works, and if you have XP Home, I'm sorry that I gave you advice you can't follow.
  4. Enigma X

    Enigma X Guest

    Thanks Guys, it worked!
  5. gaskill

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