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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by _kC_, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. _kC_

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    hi, i have a laptop where the f7 key is stuck.

    its a sony vaio and instead of buying a new keyboard for it, i was wondering how to disable the F& key altogether (i rarely ever used the f7 key anyway)
    .. ive been searching google, and looked on microsofts site about scancode mappings, but cant find out how to do it.

    anyone know the easiest way?

  2. Johnny

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    I rarely use any of the f keys myself. However, there is really no way you can disable it.
  3. Mastershakes

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    It's a program that runs at startup. Figure out what it is, and delete the entry. Reboot. ALL your 'soft keys' will be disabled.
  4. Perris Calderon

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    try to assign the key to an app that doesn't run again once it's already running...use an app that you have running on start up

    to assign the key the app shortcut has to be on the desktop

    right click, go into the shortcut box and hit your f7 key

    also, you can use one of those portable roll up keyboards and disable the native keyboard

    I would think there's a registry entry for f7 though, I would also think there's a gpedit thingy to configure

    since this free app can disable the key I would think you can do it through the registry
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  5. _kC_

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    thanks for the info, the guy has decided on a new keyboard instead, shipped to sony tomorrow, as they dont supply the parts, only ones i can find stocked is spares on ebay