Disability Options in XP worse than 98se

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by geoand, Dec 31, 2001.

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    Help please!

    I've just upgraded to XP [Dual Boot with '98SE] and have come across a bit of a problem re 'Accessibility' using the new Disability Options. Hopefully someone can offer a tweak or similar.

    My disability means that I must use the Numeric Keypad to control the mouse and use Sticky Keys for CTRL, SHFT, ALT etc.

    Problem 1 is that with the mouse acceleration + mouse speed set at highest limits, it's still very slow and 'jerky'. It works great in 98se at about 90% of limits.

    Problem 2 is using the sticky keys. I've selected 'silent' mode but still get a 'DOINK' noise from the computer's internal speaker every time CTRL, SHFT, ALT is pressed. ie, nearly all the time.

    These may seem trivial to mouse users, but it's really driving me up the pole. Surely a new OS should be improving instead of going backwards OR is there something I can do to overcome these faults.

    I've got access to XP !PLUS but haven't loaded it yet, since I'm having problems controlling the mouse & sticky keys! Any advice gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance. O, Happy New Year as well!
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    Try pressing ctrl + U

    and you can configure the options better there hopefully
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    I've managed to switch off the 'DOINK' noise when using 'Sticky Keys' for CTRL, ALT etc - it wasn't saving the settings. Once I'd gone into 'Hibernate' mode and restarted, the settings stayed in the OFF position.

    However, I still have real problems using the mouse when controlled through the Numeric Keypad. With the Mouse speed set at Max & the Mouse Acceleration also at Maximum - it's still not fast enough & is really jerky. (Still ok in '98SE)

    Does anybody know of a Registry tweak or something to achieve more precise mouse movement using the Numeric Keypad? Thanks.
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    But no use, I'm afraid! I can use the 'Accessibility Wizard' ok, my problem is that I want the mouse Acceleration & Speed to go beyond the Maximum setting on the slider bar. At the highest option it's too slow when moving & the acceleration is jerky - I really need a tweak of some sort.

    I appreciate this isn't an option most users have had cause to look at, never mind actually use *but* it's essential to my computer use. Any expert guidance on going beyond the Max settings for the Numeric Keypad Mouse options would be great.