Direcway high speed/PC phone problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Rooster77, Sep 9, 2002.

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    Hey guys, have a question. Not sure if anyone has experience with this.
    My in-laws have Direcway high speed (2-way) satellite internet. They live in a very remote and do not have a regular telephone. They recently purchased high speed two way internet access thru lincsat (Canadian division of USA Direcway). They had hoped that this would allow them to do PC to Phone calls. For Hardware they have a P3-450, 128mb ram, winXP, SB live sound card, usb headset. I think the hardware is enough as we have been able to carry good conversations voice and video over yahoo.
    Whenever they try to do PC to Phone calls it is very choppy and the delay is quite bad. I can hear the echo of my voice 30 seconds later. Lincsat so far has not been much help. Any suggestions? Has anyone here ever carried out successfull PC to phone calls?
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    With all the latency of sat internet, any program like that or video cam, voice comunications, etc... don't work very well if at all.

    I don't have Direcway, I have one-way Canadian Direcpc and my pings are lower than that of the average Direcway system. I havn't been able to do either voice chat or video on my system. :mad:

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