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    Is there any way I can Reinstall Direct X 8 without reinstalling windows xp?

    Please help
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    How about here:

    But one thing though...

    Installation notes:

    * On Windows XP, you will need to download the latest Windows XP Service Pack. Please see the Knowledge Base article How to Obtain the Latest Windows XP Service Pack for more information.

    DirectX 8.1b is part of SP1 for XP.
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    This site is a bit behind the times. It doesn't mention xp but it might come in handy one day.


    To reinstall Direct X place the CD in that has the Direct X that you wish to attempt to install and search that CD usually D: E: or Q: for Dxsetup. Once found double click and choose the option to reinstall. We do not recommend that you attempt to install a lower version of Direct X onto a higher version unless it is completely uninstalled."

    Go with gonaads first though.
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