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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jahya, Apr 24, 2003.

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    On Monday I did a low level format and rewrote the MBR for my master drive (Maxtor 40gb Ultra ATA 100) to restore it to factory default. After I did the partitions w/ FDisk and converted the partitions to NTFS, I installed XP Pro w/ no problems. I did all of my usual post install (ASPI, SP1, Windows Update, etc.) and then went back to Windows Update to get DX9a. I did the install and rebooted then left to go take care of some errands. When I got back my monitor was completely black instead of the screensaver I had set to start after 45 mins. With a move of the mouse, the power to the monitor cut off then back on and I was on my desktop (instead of the welcome screen as it should have been). Just to make sure, I went to the control panel which took forever to actually open and selected the
    power options, which also took forever to open. After I verified all power saving options were diabled I went to the display properties to make sure I had enabled the screensaver, once the display properties finally opened I clicked the screensaver tab and after a brief pause my computer rebooted. I tried again to get to the screensaver tab and again the computer rebooted.

    Due to my lack of patience, I decided to forego any further troubleshooting efforts and just formatted the drive to start over. I installed XP, again with no problems, and once that was done I did my usual post install and everything was fine. Rather than installing DX9a, which I assumed must be the problem I installed a copy of DX9 that I had on my drive. It's now Thursday and I have installed most of my usual apps/games and got all my updates for firewall, antivirus, Windows, etc and as of when I left for work this morning it was running like a champ.

    So, my question is: Has anyone else had simliar problems w/ DX9a, or did I most likely just get a bad install of it?
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    I visited Windows Update a couple of weeks ago and saw the update. I decided not to install it, and after reading your post, I'm glad I didn't. I haven't read any third-party info on this update yet, which is partly why I decided not to install it. I will search around and see if I can find something concerning issues with this update. Glad you got everything working though. :)
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    If you give this a go ( you'll be glad you did) all hassles like that will be a thing of the past. Takes some initial setting up but that's it.
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    I installed it. A friend had installed it and felt it helped in BF1942. It is supposed to correct a few things from 9. No problems at all. That said, mine was installed over the existing 9. That may not have a bearing, but with Windows who knows.