DIRECT CD for XP...Does it exist??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FrenchBerliner, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. I mean...I used this software for years with Windows and I heard that it doesn't run under Xp...
    Is it true??
  2. BOBbagels

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    If you mean Direct CD Easy CD Creator Platinum 5 from Raxio.
    It works for me.
  3. daddyo

    daddyo OSNN Addict

    Get EZCD Creator 5.1 Platinum (or 5.0 with the 5.1 upgrade) Direct CD works reliably. All the bugs have been worked out. I've used it for several months without a single problem.

    If you install 5.0, use the custom installation and DO NOT install Take Two. There are known compatibility issues with XP. 5.1 uninstalls it, at any rate. Ignore the error messages and just install 5.1 on top of it. All will be well if your system is healthy.
  4. bmxjt

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    Nero makes a version of this type of software too that works with XP.
  5. stuy_b

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    Yeah I've been using DirectCD & XP for some months now, and the new update to 5.01 works a treat. :)

    Nero's InCD is another alternative, and yes ECD5 & D-CD5 recognise InCD recorded CDRWs and vise versa.

    Personally I prefer ECD5 plat. over Nero, ECD5 plat, just seems quicker/ more reliable.
  6. Outback2k1

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    I've had too many problems with DirectCD ruining my CDs to reccomend it. And most DirectCD-created CDs arent readable by just any computer, they're very, VERY picky.
    Heck...I cant even get other drives in the same computer to read them!
  7. daddyo

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    The thing that I didn't like about Nero, at least under Win 98, was that whenever they issued a new version of InCD, you couldn't read the CDRW's made with previous versions. There was no backward compatibility...maybe I missed something.

    Direct CD has always been backward compatible and will now even read InCD CDRW's. I've stopped experimenting and have settled on Direct CD for better or worse.