dilemma with v-sync

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by oilisab, Feb 8, 2003.

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    i have a big dilemma with v-sync.
    What's better?? have v-sync on or off??

    Counter Strike gives me 100 fps in my gefroce4 ti 4200 with v-sync off in both opengl and direct3, but graphics seem to be not that good.
    If v-sync is on, Counter Strike gives me 60 fps in opengl and direct3d. Graphics with opengl seem to be better but direct3d feels the same as vsync off.

    So i have this big problem because i dont know what's better??
    V-sync or on off??

    Any replys will be helpful.

    My config:
    p4 1.8 ghz
    256 DDR233
    geforce4 ti 4200
    monitor refresh rate 75 hertz
    40 GB HDD
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    leave it off. and turn on antialiasing and anisotropic filtering instead. also, with your card don't use d3d. use opengl.
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    i turned it off to test what you say.

    I turned on antialiasing to 4x and antisotronic to 8x and it looks the same as before.

    If i have vsync on I dont see these lines when moving the mouse horizontally, but if turn it off I do see them.