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  1. I've just finished putting in 50 new XP Pro machines that replaced our WIN NT 4.0 workstations. Several of the machines had Digital Certificates loaded on them so our billing department could look up certain things on the billing website. Anyways, I reloaded the Digital Certificates, but they are not working! :mad: Any idea's??
  2. Ok, I guess I'm using the wrong certificate. So, the next thing I need to know is:

    How do I export a certificate from one computer to another?

    I see that there is a EXPORT button, but is asks for path to the certificate? Where are the certificates stored?

    I tried to do a search for them, but that didn't work. All help is appreciated greatly!
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    Hey man. I do not know the answer to your question, but have your tried Microsoft Technet? Its a good resource for IT pro's and people who use, maintain, and implement microsoft systems, I am sure your answer is there somewhere if no one else here knows.

    Good luck,