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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Taurus, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Taurus

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    friend of mine is looking for a cheap-ish camera (~$200) for his gf for xmas. he came to me for advice on which brand and model but i'm not too wise on these things, either. i have an Olympus D-230 that's close to two years old and it's so-so, but i don't want to make a decision based on it.

    choices are; Kodak, Fuji, Olympus, and maybe Sony, but feel free to bring up some i may be forgetting about. he said no Canon because of a bad history with their printers. 2mp should be fine.

    oh, and try not to make suggestions merely based on the fact that you have a particular brand. unless you're thoroughly impressed with the outcome or know it outperforms others.

  2. damnyank

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    I purchased my first digital camera about 4 months ago and if memory serves me correctly Glaanieboy provided some excellent and impartial input/information. Hopefully he'll respond.

    BTW - I ended up with a Nikon Coolpix 3100 (~$350) which I am totally thrilled with for both ease of use (haven't really blown a pic yet using it's auto function) and quality of pictures.
  3. Alan

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    200$ isn't going to get much in the way of a quality camera...

    seen this one £89.00 looks ok'ish

    Click here

  4. Sazar

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    you want to get something with good optical zoom (well yur friend anyways)

    here are a coupla GOOD cameras that are @ or just over your friends budget...

    fuji finepix 3.2m

    kodak easyshare 3.1MP

    olympus d-560 3.2mp

    those are some of the better deals for the price... sry didn't look more but those were the best I could come up with...
  5. LeeJend

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    Have him read the reviews here:

    and check the buyer cautions at whatever he narrows it down to.
  6. Taurus

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    thanks guys. :)

    but i'm afraid i have to report that the budget has been cut to ~$150. so, it becomes more of a question of which bottom-end camera can be had for $150 that doesn't suck as bad as the others. :p

    it sounded like he was leaning towards an hp model he saw on this morning. i want to tell him to go for a different brand, but don't have solid reasons why. are hp's decent?

    at any rate, requirements are:
    - video capture
    - somewhat compact
    - definitely less than ~$175 (i'd have to convince him to go that high)

    niceties would be:
    - audio capture with the video
    - uses a cheap/common flash memory type (ie. not xd)
    - optical zoom (this was moved to a preference with the lowered price ceiling)

    and, of course, we're looking for something that has a decent-quality lense.
  7. ming

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    Sony FX77 Blutooth!! :)

    oh you want cheap-ish??
    Sony u50!! :cool:
  8. Glaanieboy

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    Here I am! First off all, you said he didn't want Canon because of a bad history with their printers, but what do printers have to do with digital camera's? If Deawoo tv-sets are sh!t, that's no reason not to buy a Deawoo car, right? That's because they are made in two different factories, which happen to be owned by Deawoo. The same thing goes for Canon, they are made in two different departments, with two different developer teams. Sometimes they share information for interoperability between the camera's and printers, but that's all.

    Then there is the price, it's very difficult to find a decent camera with the specs you gave in that pricerange ($175 max), so I think it's best to stick with not-well-known brands. Unfortunately I don't know what 2nd grade brands there are in the US, I would recommend Trust (like Alan suggested), but they are not available in the US. I am sorry I can't help you any further, the only thing I can recommend you is to watch for advertisements for a somewhat older camera, but with a good (cheaper than normal) price.
    Then the brand: If you are going for a discounted, 1st grade brand camera, I would recommend either Canon or Kodak. Kodak is often cheaper with good specs. Canon is more pricey, but they often offer more features. They both have a good name in the digital camera market, so that's a good thing.
    I hope you can do something with the info I gave you, I am sorry I can't give you any more info.
  9. the_music_man

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    canons get purple fringing...go for a sony or kodak
  10. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA

    he saw this deal and jumped on it for like $157. later when i came online he asked if he did okay. i think so. :)

    Kodak CX6330
    3.1mp, 3x optical zoom, video mode captures audio as well

    retail is $250 and amazon sells it for $240. and no one seems to have anything bad to say about kodak. but maybe now they'll come out of the woodwork. ;)

    thanks everyone for your help.