Digital camera Question??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mtbnl, May 27, 2003.

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    I 've bought myself a digital camera, and i was planning to plug it in to my pc! With an USB cable, but something went wrong and now the pc can't find the camera! I tried everything, but now i can't install it again! Maybe somebody can tell me what to do, so that xp tells me i have new hardware, because i don't get that message anymore.

    Thanx Ppl
  2. renakuajo

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    weird....what brand?
  3. mtbnl

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    JVC, But like i allready told, I've did something wrong by pressing the wrong button, because xp asked me, if the camera should be installed, i said yes, but xp couldn't find it, so i entered the cd from the camera, but there was nothing on it, just a few programms to work with, then i answered don't ask again if i would like to install the camera! So, my question is, How could i give xp a driver for the camera. so he can find the camera? it's usb
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    if it is usb just as soon as it get plug xp must recognized..........did u look in my computer to see if it is listed?? another thing did u turn on the camera??? dont get me wrong but it has happen to me in the past.........and to be honest the best thing u can do if to but a media reader so u can download the photos without plugin the cam, its the best way in my opinion not to metion is a liot faster to download the photos
  5. the_music_man

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    just go to add hardware. if that doesn't work go to and find the driver..
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    If I remember correctly my digital camera was recognized as a removable drive. I would recommend doing like I did and find out what memory card your camera uses and buy a card reader.
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    Actually, I had a similar problem with my digital camera.

    The problem turned out to be in my Bios info, I had the USB setting disabled.

    It sounds to me that your USB setting is diabled in your bios. Enable it and the problem should be solved.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Taurus

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    nah, it detected it the first time, but when prompted for drivers, he hit "don't ask me again".. and it's doing just that.

    you need to go into device manager. right-click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager

    when the camera is plugged in, you shuld see it pop up with a yellow (!) next to it. you can then right-click on it and install drivers for it.

    but most cameras don't require special drivers... they're just treated like another drive. for example; Drive H: under My Computer. make sure yours isn't already there first.

    btw, what model is it?