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    Can anyone explain to me why my boss (who has a 19" Samsung monitor) sees this page:


    ....this way:


    ? As u can see the top image is bigger, the table is enlarged and the picture with the tent has some spaces over and under and stuff like that....The site was made in Front Page
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    without directly addressingthe browser issue here - I think you need to get past the size of the monitor being the issue, what it is down to more than likely is the display properties (see attached screenie from my 19" two-up display set up)... it will be the interplay between the 1280 x 1024 (or whetever) and the way the browser display therein.

    There may be some clever testing products that help you to emulate different monitor setups to test web content via browsers - and if there are hopefully others here will know of them and can advise further.

    If you just wnat to understand - then perhaps my explanation at least sets you on the path to finding out the whys and wherefores?

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