Difference between a PCI and and AGP Video Card

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    Hi. What is the main difference between a PCI board type video card and an AGP video card? Which is faster and more reliable? Thanks.
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    uuh.... i take it you mean AGP and PCI-Express. BIG difference between PCI-Express and PCI. as for the difference between agp and pci-express..... as of right now i'm not sure if there's a very noticable performance difference between the two, since i'm not sure if the PCI-Express bus has been fully used yet.... but supposedly it has a much higher processing speed between the card itself, memory, and the CPU. god do i wish i'd read up more on what all the differences were between all this stuff. i think PCI-Express is also on it's own bus, where i believe AGP shared the PCI bus (someone PLEASE correct me on this if i'm wrong..... or say if i've pretty much got it...)

    Basically.... if what you're saying is more or less somewhat of a question leading up to an upgrade decision.... i'm sure everyone would agree that with the specs of your system, PCI-Express would be a better route to go over AGP, mostly because then it's kind of future-proof, unless they come out with another architecture for video cards (PLEASE GOD NO!!)
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    ain't necessarily so...

    diff remains the same tho'

    AGP is dedicated bandwidth (big) for gfx and PCI is shared by all cards in slots and does not have such a fat pipe. PCIX has a fatter poipe but remains shared, also because it is new it commands a premium.

    There is a third way - but I have forgotten what it is... I feel sure someone with better memory will expand on that in this thread though (c'mon guys ;) )
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    agp was always addressed as pci0 as far as the hardware was concernd - ot was just a pci bus dedicated to the vga card at twice the clock rate as pci. thh 2x 4x and 8x indicated how often per clock pulse data was transmited.

    pci-express is like a motorway with little restriction on how many lanes you can build in either direction :)
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    it all came from here. this will answer your question.
    Common Buses and their Max Bandwidth
    PCI 132 MB/s
    AGP 8X 2,100 MB/s
    PCI Express 1x 250 [500]* MB/s
    PCI Express 2x 500 [1000]* MB/s
    PCI Express 4x 1000 [2000]* MB/s
    PCI Express 8x 2000 [4000]* MB/s
    PCI Express 16x 4000 [8000]* MB/s
    PCI Express 32x 8000 [16000]* MB/s
    IDE (ATA100) 100 MB/s
    IDE (ATA133) 133 MB/s
    SATA 150 MB/s
    Gigabit Ethernet 125 MB/s
    IEEE1394B [firewire] 100 MB/s


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    Thanks a lot for the information. Percy