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    G'day all.

    Sorry for starting a somewhat serious thread in here, but I was wondering your ideas on diciplining your kids are? It springs from the responses to the posts on "Most parents don't use Web filters - shock" on the index page.

    Is smacking a bad thing, should it be outlawed (is it outlawed in some areas??). What do you believe are other, more effective ways of teaching dicipline, or right and wrong??
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    It depends on how diciplined the parents are. Some (NOT ALL) parents let they're kids on the computer, while the kids are way ahead of the parents and they have soon find out a way to break they're way through. If you have young kids, you should surf with them together, there is no filter software that good.
    The lines above do not only apply on surfing the web. In these busy and stressful days, kids barely see they're parents, so they can't do things together, as in a good kid-parent relationship. I think parents and kids should do more things together.
    I don't have kids of my own, but I see sometimes programmes about this on tv and then I think about myself: Are we sick or something? You take kids, so you have to take care of them. That's my opinion
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    I don't believe in physical punishment, all my husband and myself ask from our son is to respect us and our rules. Usually no disciplinary action is necessary, as he is usually very well behaved. However, when the occasional "incident" occurs, we find that removing privileges, such as t.v., video games, computer, skateboard etc. does the trick...it is pure torture for him. (especially the skateboard!):)
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    Glaanie boy, I think you're right, sometimes we do live in a sick world. I mean look at all the people who have kids, but then get a nanny to do all the work for them. Parents whom never see their kids, and never have any real influence in their lives.

    I have a good relationship with my parents. One of the things that I think made this relationship so strong and well bonded is the fact that whenever we could, we spent time together. We were never a rich family, so we could never fly for holidays, so we would drive instead (I'm 18 and flew for the first time about a year ago). We would drive for 3 days to get to Cape York, or when we lived up north, we'd drive for 2 days to go to country Victoria, and we'd have a fantastic time while we're at it.

    I think that in this consumer society we live in today (just look at the newst posts in the front page) that we spend too much time trying to get to places quicker and live in more luxury than we should, which in turn is detrimental towards the relationships with our peers and family.

    And if you read through all of that, I applaud you :) And well done Zooker, I know that if I had never been smacked I wouldn't have turned out like I did!!
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    For the most part - a good talking to and the removal of some privilege works. I have handed out the occasional whack to the posterior when lesser means failed. Very rare though. The kids have a good respect for the rules - and we respect them as people. It's working so far.
  6. Friend of Bill

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    "Spare the rod and spoil the child" -Anonymous
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    I had a friend that would tell his kids when they were playing up. "Looks like your brains have slipped down to your bottom, so I had better put them back up to your head." That's normally all it took for them to behave themselves.

    I grew up in the 50's and and had the occasional smack on the rear end when needed and I don't think it did me any harm.

    One word that seems to be missing these days for kids is the word NO. To me, one of the best character building words you can get.
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    My daughters are grown now but I can say that I never hit my daughters. Sure when they were in the terrible 2's and needed the ocassional slap on the hand but that's as far as it went, that's how I was raised. My dad never, ever hit myself or my sisters.
    I have 1 daughter who listens to everything and does what is asked while the other, well lets just say I get a better response from a brick wall :rolleyes: Although many times I thought she needed a good a$$ kicking, I couldn't bring myself to hit her. I would rather talk until I'm blue in the face then hit them :)
    Unfortunately all parents don't think like that and all kids aren't angels (not that mine are angels nor am I mother of the year material). I guess what I'm trying to say is, different situations call for different measures. If a child deserves a smack on the bottom the parent shouldn't have to worry about losing their child because of child abuse.
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    the best punishment for my kids has been waiting for the boom to fall. Gosh they hate that. :D The wife and I just walk around grinning at each other.
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    I am 14 years old, and my parents have hit me a lot of times. And I actually think that I deserved them. If a person does something wrong like skanking money from his/her parents wallet or purse, they should get taught a lesson that they will never FORGET !