Dialer.exe starting by itself

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Parting Ways, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. Parting Ways

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    Has anyone else had the problem of Dialer.exe starting by itself. If so how do I disable it, it seems to occur around the same time checked schedule taskes but it isn't there.

    Thanks B.
  2. maybe some porn app?
  3. Parting Ways

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    Nope not a porn app. It is an offical microsoft program, it is in the programfiles/windowsnt folder.

  4. so it just wants to connect to internet using some of connections you have? i have some type ot similar thing going on. had it now couple times while was playing with my ftp server, it's like my router wanted to connect to internet for some reason. weird. do u have a router?
  5. Parting Ways

    Parting Ways Guest

    Nope no router. It just trys to dial out. Thought it might be a virus but couldn't find anything, I may end up just deleting the file, can't remove it. Unless there is a better idea.

  6. what do you do on computer when that happens?
  7. Khayman

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    have you done a search of the registry for it, to make sure is not in a startup key, or checked msconfig to see if it starts up in there

    otherwise, just rename it to dialer2.exe or somthing, see what happens
  8. egghead

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    download ad-aware

    this will get rid of those programs and other spies

    just delete everything that comes up

    its all bad

    post how many spies found

    if that didnt get rid of it post here and i will tell you what to do next



    your avatar is deadly!

    just awesome
  9. BonyTony

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    Run Your AntiVirus !

    I had a customer the other week with the same problem....i found a worm was infecting his system and was trying to dial out on boot up.....removed the worm and it stopped dialing out.
  10. jerry

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    Check your registry :



    Look if there is something like dialer2.exe or similar that should not be there.

    It can also be the case that a program in your windows directory is being started.
  11. Parting Ways

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    Well I did run ad aware, virus scanner before I posted. Checked the registry entries suggested didn't find anything that I don't know about. There is no Dialer.exe 2 or anything like that. It just pops up out of no where I don't reall y have to do anything, as I am typing this it poped up. Any more Ideas?

  12. allan

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    Check in Control Panel - Date & Time module. Do you have it set to synchronize the system time? If so, that's probably what's dialing out. You can disable it if you like.
  13. allan

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  14. peroxide

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    Did you do a search for it? It might be packed in some program that you downloaded
  15. Ad-aware wont work for the dialers.

    I had the same sort of problem and the thing that fixed it was spybot remove and destroy and can be found here

    Hope this helps
  16. cruiser78

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    Hey guys... don't forget... it is a feature of windows... type "dialer" into the run dialog and see what pops up. That is what he is talking about. Not some porn dialer or spyware thing so the adware/spyware removers won't remove it.
  17. Parting Ways

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    Nope time is not synch. It is a windows program, I have checked everything can't seem to find the problem.

  18. Parting Ways

    Parting Ways Guest

    Thanks for all the help though.

  19. allan

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    Other possibilities would be NAV (auto update), Windows Critical Update, McAfee products, etc - but those would appear in Task Scheduler.
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