Dial-up network between XP and 98

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lucato, Jul 12, 2002.

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    I´m a new user, and had not time to read all site.

    I need a how-to document that teachs me to configure a dial-up conection between Win XP and Win98!

    I´m sorry about my english, but I´m brazilian. I speak portuguese!

    Thank You!!!

    André Lucato
  2. Sir_Tony

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    On XP machine load NETBEUI it is on the XP CD

    Take XP CD to Win98 pc's in turn and when the XP menu comes up install Internet Connection Sharing from the CD
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    Actually, a really easy way is to run the network setup wizard from XP. During this you will be asked is you want to make a disk for use on other machines. Agree and take the disk to your 98 machine, run the small program on the disk and its done.

    You do not need netbui.