Dial UP Arggh

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dazzler, Mar 24, 2002.

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    Had this problem for ages now, whenever i try to connect to my ISP (Claranet) it is busy 9 out of 10 times then dialup tries redialing and locks up have tried all variations of not redialling number of times etc. i can only get out of it by cancelling quickly and trying again manually and then this will sometimes lockup - driving me crazy.. any suggestions? Cheers
  2. I know this may sound obvious but, have you tried other ISP's? I think Freeserve and Tiscali and probably a few others still allow you to sign up where you only pay for phone time.
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    I have tried other ISP's same thing, its definitely something within DUN i think.
    Thinks its one for the f*c% knows tray.