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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by westy1, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. westy1

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    A friend of mine has called me for help but I have no ideas. In windows 98 everything in device manager is listed twice with a yellow exclamation mark, I told him to uninstal the second entry which was ok until he rebooted and they came back again.

    Tried to uninstal both entries but when rebooted picked it up twice.

    Any ideas PLEASE!
  2. Jmtyra

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    Wow, lots of variables there.

    1) Is it really everything or just a few devices that are showing a conflict?

    2) Did he recently make any hardware/software modifications?

    3) Is he having problems with the hardware in question working properly? Or does everything work ok and it just shows up in the Device Manager?

    Any other info that you may have would be helpful in us helping you. Thanks! :)
  3. westy1

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    He tried to instal a USB hub thats when it all went wrong.

    Everything is listed twice. But it is working ok.

    He does not know alot about computers, and got a USB hub for notebooks. although the shop told him it would be ok.
  4. westy1

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    Just spoken to him on the phone seems that most of the problems are related to the motherboard. I have told him to turn computer off and take the battery out of the motherboard for a while.

    Dont know if that will work???.
  5. RogerPhillis

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    If its any help , USB hub entries are always listed twice.
    I have 5 ( x 2)
    Im sure someone will know why !
  6. westy1

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    Conflicts everywhere in device manager. If a complete reinstal was done would it clear things up.

    Tried to uninstal everything with a conflict that is mentioned twice but when its rebooted it pick's everything up twice again.
    As I said before mainly connected with the motherboard.
    Could it be anything that could be changed in the BIOS?
  7. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    i remember seeing the exact same thing happen years ago on my friend's crappy 200mhz compaq. every device in every category was listed twice. i don't think we ever came up with a solution other than reformatting. that fixed it, of course.