Detonator Deception????

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    Firstly - Check this out

    Detonator Benchmarks

    Now - is it just me or does it seem like the 30.82 are the best drivers? The 40 Series IS good but take a look at the 3D Mark Scores compared with the Game benchmarks for say UT2003. Now i dunno about you but i would say that even thought the difference is marginal for UT2003, the 30.82's ARE quicker, and that is common accross the board for most of the games.
    However, the 3D mark Scores show that the 40 Series are clearly better.

    Now, i dont play 3D Mark, i play games.. So does this mean that Nvidia are sacrificing game performace for better benchmark scores in 3D Mark?

    Or im a just some idiot with too much time on his hands ranting about a couple of FPS. :blink:
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    to put it bluntly... Yes intially the det 4x.xx's were generally released to show that the 3dmark performance that so many people put faith in was better and therefore the cards were super good...

    however the 4x.xx dets have been out for a while now and they have fixed bugs that the nvidia cards have...

    the main area that the dets improved 3dmark was in nature.. but if you compare image quality you will see what was sacrificed in order to achieve the higher scores...

    this has been thrown around a lot and debated.. but the views expressed above are all mine ...

    IMHO as people would say... :cool: