Destruktive new virus !!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KOBBRAS, Mar 21, 2002.


    KOBBRAS Guest

    A new virus has just been discovered that has been classified by
    Microsoft as the most destructive ever! This virus was discovered yesterday
    afternoon by McAfee and no vaccine has yet been developed.

  2. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Is anyone really gonna click that link? :rolleyes:
  3. Outback2k1

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    Are we supposed to know what it is?

    I dont...but I'm not clicking it.

    Edit. stupid typos...
  4. allan

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    If a virus has been discoverd that were that virulent, we'd all have heard about it by now.
  5. existenz

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    Outback2k1, did you really click the link? :confused:

    If you did, what did you see? :rolleyes:
  6. Outback2k1

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    78 and my damn typos again....

    I meant to say I was NOT clicking it....grrrrrr
  7. Qumahlin

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    *flexes muscles* I clicked the link what do I win?

    actually I already knew Xatrix was a computer security known to not check it's stories at all

    all they talk about is a virus that destroys sector zero of the harddrive when you open a e-mail

    but no such virus exists, it's an internet urban legend that has been around for a long time. I mean common...just read what kobbras posted "classified by microsoft as the most destructive ever"

    Um who ever heard of MS classifying viruses? CERT classifies Virus's not MS ;)
  8. xsivforce

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    Leave it up to Qumahlin to be the one to click it. You win our respect and admiration. :p :p :p :p
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    whew...I was waitin for someone to click it.:D

    KOBBRAS Guest

    Hi people, first at all I must said that the story about that virus I have got from one security expert at Rhode Island(US) with e-mail, and I dont know if it is thrue or not, I just published the article at site beceuse people must be informed.
    Second, what guys trying to say about clicking or not clicking the site I really dont know, will you please explaine me?
    Maybe I am stupid or something??
  11. Zedric

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    One of the tricks a malicious hacker kan do is to tell people they have/are threatened by a virus and ask the to click a certain link/button to have it removed. The (unsuspecting) user clicks the link/button and WHAM!, the users computer is now carrying a trojan or likewise.

    That's why we don't want to click a link like that if we don't recognize it.

    KOBBRAS Guest

    Maybe you are right Zedric but xatrix is security portal, and if you know something about security than go to and click the link.
    Btw, I understand why the users of Microsofts products are so paranoic when security is in be informed is only solution. Thanks

    KOBBRAS Guest

  14. exo

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    i clicked it

    i clicked it, its nothing special it explains this "VIRUS"
  15. GeeZuZz

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    Just a question:

    destroying sector zero - does it mean that the harddrive is completely destroyed, or can data be recovered with these "recovery programs" like Easy Recovery ? (which has recovered 60GB of music,movies and stuff i accidental deleted :) )
  16. Zedric

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    I'd go with Lost & Found (saved me a few times). The thing with L&F is that it requires a second disc which can be bad in some respects. Sector 0 is just the first sector. It contains (at least parts of) boot information and partitioning (I think). L&F is supposed to be able to "recover data as long as the disc is still spinning". Too bad it's not freeware. There are som freeware I think, but I don't have the links in my head right now.
  17. Elaine

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    How to spot a hoax computer virus alert
    Did a genuine computer security expert send you the alert?
    If your mother-in-law forwarded a chain letter alert, which came from her dentist, who got it from a podiatrist, who got it from his secretary's daughter, who supposedly received it at college directly from IBM's virus experts...

    Does it urge you to forward the chain letter to everyone you know?
    Genuine virus alerts won't ask you to participate in a chaotic email distribution scheme. Forward it instead to (see below) so we can study it.

    Does the email offer a link to an authoritative details page? MacAffee, Norton, etc.
    Email alerts shouldn't go into detail about a computer virus. Rather, the alert should summarize the threat and provide a link to a "for more info" page stored on a well-known computer security website. Beware: some hoax alerts include generic links to respected websites. The hoaxster wants you to assume the website has important information about the virus. A rule of thumb: the link to more information should take you directly to more information about the threat. If it doesn't, then you should chide the sender for failing to give you accurate information.

  18. koko

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    i could be wrong on this, but i believe that if the first sector (the boot sector) is wiped, your pc is unbootable. i believe that recovery apps would still be able to retrieve "lost" data.
  19. WebDome

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    McAfee AVERT Labs would like to inform you of a new email HOAX.
    This email message is just a HOAX, currently we know of no other message that the user will receive about the HOAX as the initial email states. AVERT has not received any report of a user's hard drive being erased for opening the email."

    We are advising users who receive the email to delete it and DO NOT pass it on as this is how an email HOAX propagates.

    English version:
    "Recently a new virus was discovered that was classified by MICROSOFT and by MCAFEE to be the most damaging of all time! This virus was discovered late yesterday by MCAFEE and still there is no development of a vaccine!

    This virus simply writes zeros on the hard drive, where the vital information for the operation of the PC is kept. The virus activates in the following manner:

    1. By email it is received with the title 'A VIRTUAL CARD FOR YOU', when opening the message, it sends itself to all in the address list soon...

    2. It hangs the machine, forcing the user to reboot the system.

    3. AT the moment in which the keys ctrl+alt+del or the RESET button is pressed, it writes zeros to the hard drive making it unusable forever.

    By the previous information, please, take precaution with the use of electronic mail and, of course, if you receive an email which you do not know the origin of, simply delete it without opening.

    Please, send this message to the most people possible!!!!

    In a few hours yesterday, this virus caused panic in New York, according to CNN"
  20. DrX

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    yes im pretty sure if the boot sector gits destroyed ... its curtains for all your stuff as a format is needed :(

    I back up to CD nealry everytime i have new things , just in case, as I have IBM drives and they seem to fail with or without a virus :)