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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Santamanne, May 5, 2002.

  1. Santamanne

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    I asked how to make those desktop icons smaller, and someone said that I should try desktopX... I fell in love to this program ;)
    But theres one thing that makes me hate it too. When pushing win+d (wich takes you to the desktop) all those fancy buttons disappears :( Only the wallpaper stays.
    Does anyone know a solution for this? Or somekinda patch for desktop X? Cause I cant live without that key combination.
  2. gothic

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    Before I start, I do not know the answer to your problem. What I would like to know is, though, is how compatible do you find it with XP?? and do you use any other Stardock utility (like Objectbar or WindowBlinds)?? I used to use DesktopX under 98/Me and also fell in love with it, but was unsure whether it would be happy under XP

  3. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    No I dont use, and I havent ever used any other stardock utilities.
    And.. works in xp == compatible with xp ;)