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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by louiskhorweiwu, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. I'm a dork for not figuring this out, but how do you guys manage to make desktop weather transparent with the wallpaper? From your desktop screenshots this seems to be the easiest thing in the world...

    basically it appears on my desktop with a white background, with gaps here and there where there isn't any text. how does this work?

    Screen shot provided
  2. DarkSiege

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    In the options section, did you change the colors? I think it will be transparent if you didn't change the colors. (I'm not positive)
  3. well, I tried changing the colours after I first installed it, because it was not being transparent but no, it didn't start out transparent
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    hi. just read your thread. How can I get that desktop weather on my desktop. Where did you downloaded from. It's very informative. TIA.
  5. WishMaster

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    Never mind. I found it. Thanks.
  6. Dubbin1

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  7. gonaads

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    When you right click on it, open options and highlight background color it should have no color or be black. Now set the font color to white it should stay transparant.
    Check out mine:
  8. uh, ok, tried it out, and guess what?

    sigh... have a look
  9. npfanz

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    I had the same problem with desktop weather (I live in Chicago half the time, maybe its because we're from the windy city...)

    The program is nice, but do you really need to know instantaneously every minute change in the weather? Just set as your homepage and have it display your forecast. Check it once per day and you're done...
  10. lol, npfanz, yeah it is probably cuz we're in Chicago...

    I don't personally care what the weather is, I just look out the window, but my girlfriend is like obsessed, and she just can't be asked to go to a website to look for it, so it's nice to have it on the desktop.

    The only thing now is that I want it to look nicer so it's not an eyesore...

    help... (whimper)
  11. gonaads

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    Shut down the proggy but make sure you don't have it set to load at startup. Reboat your machine or just restart the proggy and then configure it. DON'T, I repeate DON'T touch the background tab just set your font color. It will think your starting it for the first time. See what happens.

    She's obsessed because you've go her pic on your desktop. Nice picture though.
  12. G-Money

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    Springfield Mo
    OK... here is how I got mine to work..... Change your background on the desktop too black. Then change the background on the weather progy to black and the text to white. Now then change your background on the desktop to whatever you want.....

    Take a look at mine... The background color on the weather progy is set to black but hey... its trans............

    click me

  13. gonaads

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    You know, your probably right. My background is dark blue almost black and the background color in the config box was and still is black.
  14. WishMaster

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    Can someone tell me if this program works with Win Xp Pro. TIA
  15. npfanz

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    Heh, if your girlfriend is the picture on your desktop, and she wants it to work, then by all means make sure you get that stupid program to work!

    I'm sure someone will be able to help...
  16. WishMaster

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    Hey, Famine really cool wallpaper. How can I get those pretty cool icons. If you don't mind. Thanks
  17. gonaads

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    Hey Wishmaster,
    I've been running it on XP Pro and it works fine.
  18. WishMaster

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    Thanks gonaads. I noticed its a beta version, scared of beta. Have you had any problems before with it. Thanks
  19. gonaads

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    No probs. Just that since I have a Dynamic DSL connection and you set the prog to refresh every so many minutes if I disconnect then my ZA Pro firewall prog. asks me "Blah, blah program wishes to connect to the internet ... blah, blah, blah. Other than that It's running at home as I type these words at work. Don't worry about the beta thing the worse that will happen is the prog stops working. But it should not.
  20. WishMaster

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    Thanks alot. I will try it.