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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Matthew Hanksha, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. Anyone have any idea how to solve this. im using XP Pro with SP1 installed. i have a Geforce 2 Ti vid card running latest drivers. i right click on desktop go 'properties/settings/advanced/color correction' and raise the gamma/brightness for windows(i like my screen to be bright). my problem is XP doesnt seem able to hold onto these custom settings, if i change my screen resolution the brightness levels are reset to default, when i play any game(except half life) it resets brightness settting to default(and if i play a game other than half life afterwards half life will now reset desktop settings to default as well, but half life will not do this on a fresh boot). when my computer boots up windows loads my custom settings for about 10 seconds(until my virus scanner kicks in) then it resets back to default. this is very annoyiing especially since i have an old monitor and the default brightness settings are very very dark for me, does anyone have any idea how i can fix this? one person pointed me towards some reffresh rate proggy but im having no problems with my refresh rate, it always stays on the setting i chose. the brightness/gamma and view settings are the only things XP cant seem to remember. the view settings dont really bother me however. any information anyone can give me is greatly appreciated, thank you very much for you time!

    - Matt
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    Until your virus scanner kicks in eh?

    I'm not terribly ingenuitive, but I might suggest disabling it while you're making these changes, as certain virus scanners have been known to go a little overboard on the settings that they protect.

    If that doesn't work...?

    Percussive Maintainance :D
  3. well it was a good idea, i didnt think of that at all. but no such luck in fixing anything. :( hrm... I've talked to other people who have the same problem but they've never fixed it either. how common is this problem? and how common is the view settings problem? example: im cruising thru Windows Explorer and every so often it will change the view to Icons (i always have it set on Details). and it NEVER remembers view/size settings for folders on my desktop. *grumble* :mad:
  4. Changing Hardware Default????

    Is there anyway to change the default settings to my own settings?? so everytime it resets the settings back to default nothing will change, it'll be right where i want it?? wouldnt that be nice :)