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    Desktop Icon Toy is a tool to let you play trick on the windows desktop icons. It can animate and dance icons, layout icons, remove the ugly text of desktop icons, show hide desktop icons, Save and restore desktop icon layout, change the font color and background color of desktop icons, and so
    You can find it from
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    Here's the official marketing write-up of this program.

    Welcome to try the Desktop Icon Toy 1.1!

    Desktop Icon Toy is a small tool to trick the windows desktop icon.

    Currently, there are most of tools can trick the desktop icons, such as change the font color and background color of desktop icon text, align with desktop icons. But none of them can dance the desktop icons, remove the desktop icon text, and so on.

    So, what cool things can you do with Desktop Icon Toy?
    • You can drag and drop the desktop icons to run around the desktop, and double click the empty of desktop to stop all the running icons.
    • You can dance the desktop icons when mouse hover the desktop icon or double click the desktop icon.
    • You can align the desktop icons with many shaps, of course, you can add animation effect when align the desktop icons. If you like, you can even align the icons precisely with <CTRL + Arrow Key>.
    • You can remove the ugly text of desktop icons, the whole desktop will be neat and tidy.
    • You can remove all the desktop icons, and only keep the icon text.
    • You can lock the desktop icons to avoid moving carelessly.
    • You can change the desktop icons to small mode.
    Of course, besides above, the Desktop Icon Toy also supports the following common functions:
    • Show hide desktop icons.
    • Remove desktop icon shorcut overlay.
    • Save and restore desktop icon layout.
    • Transparent the background of desktop icon text.
    • Change the font color and background color of desktop icon text.
    Don't hesitate any longer! Click here to try now.
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    johnson, it looks like you have a pretty cute program, however we don't usually countenance spam

    if on your first post you did something like;

    "I have a program I would love you here at osnn to try and give feedback, for your input I will give you unlimited license" (free stuff to members always goes over nicely" )then you would be better received and we might look a little more kindly on your post.

    we won't let you sell your product at osnn, but we'll let you give it away

    anyway, it looks like it's got a huge resource footprint, how much memory does it use?

    please discuss if you don't want the thread removed as spam

    I'll give this thread to the end of the day to see where it goes

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    I think I have seen another program posted here that does something like this, what was it called....
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    Seems intersting. No screens?