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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by neomits, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. neomits

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    MY XP icons on the desktop used to have a really neat font where it looked shadowed and 3d. For some reason its not there anymore. Any ideas how I can try and get it back?
  2. emmie-chan

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    was it the default font style that u had set originally? cuz mine has the shadow and everything, but because of my resolution setting on my monitor, everything's too tiny to look 3D hehe

    anyway, if it *was* the default style ur looking for, just right click on the desktop, click on "properties" then the "appearance" tab. then click on effects and click on wutever properties u want ur font to have. that *should* do the trick. :) good luck!
  3. MdSalih

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    Change your theme back

    Change your themes back to "Windows XP" from Control panel -> Display. it should be on the first tag... seclect Windows XP from the scroll down box m8.

  4. Lactic.Acid

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    The effect you're referring to is "ClearType". You can turn it on by going to Display Properties -> Appearance -> Effects and under "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:" and choose ClearType. You should then be good to go.
  5. XP PRO

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    I believe the others here are confuzed, I'm not sure, no offence at all but it seems to me that he wants his icons without the back shadow, if this is true:
    right click My Computer then go to Properties then> Advanced tab> Performance> click settings> on the Visual Effects tab click on> Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
    I dunno, maybe I'm the confuzed one ;)
    Let me know if this was what you needed to know.
  6. emmie-chan

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    i just thought of something!

    neomits - why don't u describe EXACTLY how ur desktop icon fonts look. cuz anyone who's posted to this thread could be right... it just depends on how ur fonts look right now! :) just a thought cuz i've tried out wut the others have suggested. the ideas are good... just gotta know which one's for u!

    - e m m i e -
  7. andywoo1

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    Mine on my 166 IBM Laptop are strange...

    I stuck XP Pro on there a while ago, and now the icon text looks like its in 98SE or something... It has a blue background, no shadow. Its got a 2MB On-Board video, and set to 800x600, but I wouldn't think that should matter...

  8. XP PRO

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    Why doesn't he just post his desktop.. lol
  9. andywoo1

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    Good idea!

  10. emmie-chan

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    very true...!
  11. neomits

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    Ok its not clear type I know that and I tried changing the effects settings and it doesn't work and I also know its not the drop down shadow thing

    Here is what it looks like now:
    My current Desktop
    Here is what I want the font to look like:
    This is what I want
  12. andywoo1

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    Thats what my Laptop does... (Refering to Desktop1.JPG)

    Whats that script what-cha-ma-call-it thingy in the top left corner? I want it !!! Also, how do you change the taskbar picture (Start Button Style)?

  13. neomits

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    The stats program is called Cool Info and you can get it Here

    As for as the task bar, thats a skin for XP. To get the program that lets you change the skin go Here

    If you want the exact skin that I have I can let you know where to get that too.
  14. existenz

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  15. neomits

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    The skin can be found HERE

    Now would someone please try and help me with my problem!?!?!?!
  16. XP PRO

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    ok, you said its neither of the two things, but i am wondering, since your backround isn't wallpapered (it looks like u have a picture in the center) and so u made the back white, well then the dropback wouldn't be there, becuz u dont have a full desktop wallpaper, try putting on a wallpaper that fits your whole desktop and if you see the dropback behind the icons and words then u need to do what I said before, if not then I don't think anyone can help you, this is a very rare XP-erience.