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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Joel980, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Joel980

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    Hello friends
    I am desiging a site and I asked this other guy for help and he said to use frames before I use Flash, Applets or JavaScripts. What do you guys think? I have a long page that I am using a static menu on but he suggested using frames cause he says it would load quicker. Do you think that is correct?

    thanks in advance
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  2. DwarfData

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    Raw HTML will load quicker than a Flash website. Flash is great for 'rich' content. but from what you've described I think a HTML site would be fine.

    However, the current thinking is that Frames are Evil

    I would recommend using css for layout rather than frames.
  3. kcnychief

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    I used to code in frames, but honestly these days they are crud. I don't think load times are much of a concern as they used to be, as broadband or higher quality DUN lines are much more common in homes. Can you give a better mock of up what you are trying to accomplish?

    Also, I have moved this to the coding and design section, welcome to OSNN :)
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    stay away from frames..

    stay away from flash menus

    Use CSS for layout.. tables where necessary after CSS

    Don't use frames..

    oh, did I mention Don't use frames
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    i removed frames from my site - mainly because IE would mess them up
  6. muzikool

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    I agree completely. If you use frames then it sets your site back a decade. Use CSS and small Javascript libraries to achieve impressive visual effects. Check out Mootools for example.
  7. AllWeatherGal

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    I just have to say how adorable I think your avatar is!!

    Frames can be useful in specific situations, but in general, I agree with everyone else ... they're not the best design decision.

    If it's formatting you need, CSS and/or tables (It's a cheap answer, but really easy) can achieve most of what you want.

    However, if you have a mockup and general explanation of what you're trying to DO, we might be able to help a bit more effectively.