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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by ChrissiCom, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. ChrissiCom

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    Hi there

    I found a great wallpaper at the shadowness webpage and I though I'd make a logon screen out of it. But I still have a little design question. Is it possible to make the outside area of the username area transparent instead of black ?! Theoretically there should be an rgb code for transparent then it would be possible. Anyone knows how to make this area (also see the screenshot) transparent ?

  2. ChrissiCom

    ChrissiCom Guest

    Please, why can no one help ? If it's not possible to make the area marked on the screenshot transparent at least say that. Thanks!

  3. surge

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    well if you are goign to be so rude and not wate for a reply you may as not come back here asking for help. , well now that i have cleared that up, iam not sure if you can make it trasnparrent
    you can allways try and see if the guys and gals there can help ya.
  4. ChrissiCom

    ChrissiCom Guest

    Sorry I didn't want to offend anyone! but there was no reply in 3 days :) anyway... I will follow your advice and check that website.

  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Give ChrissiCom a break. Three days before bumping it. A lot more patience than most of us here have got.
  6. crono_logical

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    I think you can use arpg values instead of rgb values in the logonui.exe file, just set the color to argb(0,0,0,0), and it should be transparent.
  7. ChrissiCom

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    Man you are god that really works :D

    Well, at least the background of my own user account is now transparent, I didn't find out how to make the inactive user account area for the Guest Account transparent... can you help there ?