Dellf the Elf Game (For Dell)

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ShepsCrook, Dec 13, 2004.

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    Is anyone else playing this game?
    Dellf the Elf Game

    Most of the time I've been seeing people get the discount codes for purchases but I am here to say that you can actually win something from this contest. As I actually won something today. Now, I haven't recieved it as they say it will take 8-10 weeks but hey, if it does happen, then I'll be happy. I've seen the ads for this in the papers so I'm 99.9% sure it's legit.

    I won a:
    Dell Dimension 8400 Desktop PC valued at $1750
    Pentium 4 540 = 3.2ghrz 800FSB
    512MB DDR2 Ram
    80GB HD
    Ati Radeon X300SE 128MB PCI-E Video Card
    16x DVDRom
    48xCDRW/16xDVDROM combo drive
    SB Live! 24bit with Advanced HD sound card.
    Windows XP Home
    Dell UltraSharp 1905 19" LCD Monitor
    1yr Dell Warrenty
    1yr Dell onsite warrenty.

    Now, both of my computers blow this machine away. So the machine itself isn't all that important to me. But the 19" LCD Monitor is. Hey, but I'm not complaining a free computer is a free computer. Especially when it's not a bad computer anyways. :)
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    It's definitely legit (see this thread). Wow, congrats. :eek: :)
    I haven't been trying all that often (just thrice so far), and all I got were coupon codes that I won't even be using.
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    :) Yeah, can't complain I guess. I do wish they'd give the option of upgrading some of the features at a discounted price or something. They'd make more money that way, but this is probably a tax write off for them.

    I had gotten 2 coupon codes prior to this win. Posted them on [H]ardOCP.
    Now, I'm encouraging more people to play since I actually won something for once. Good luck everyone!