Dell MB into a new case ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Luna64, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Luna64

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    Is it possible to put a Dell MB into a new case?

    I don't think it would fit, but my friend is trying to do this. The dell case is small and crowded I would think.

    Anyway, does anyone know if it's possible to take out the Dell board and put it into a new Non Dell case ?
  2. ditchhopper

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    Not an expert on Dell thats for sure, but if the board and case are both ATX it should work. You could always "Make it Fit" Thats usually more fun than the normal way anyways.
  3. Kush

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    i dont see why not

    i dont see why not, unless they made some sort of saftey featre or somthing that would not let u fit it in another. u said a dell case is small and crowed, then of course u can put it in a bigger one to increase air flow and such but just depends on if dell made it so u cant do that.:D
  4. Nick M

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    I doubt it. Dell motherboards only work with dell cases. You could give it a shot, but I have my doubts on it working. I hate dell.
  5. Leo

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    I am a Dell user and i did it. Just make sure to get a atx case that fits any intel motherboard and u should be fine.
    The only problem i had was to get the power suppy to fit in the mobo so in case u have the same problem, REMOVE YOUR POWER SUPPLY OFF YOUR DELL CASE AND PUT IT INTO THE NEW CASE and u should be fine.

    My case is exactly like this one. (sorry, no digital camera)

    Side Front
  6. Luna64

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    Hmm, sounds like it could be hard.

    She wants to get a clear case so she can put neon lights in there, but she wants to keep all the same hardware.

    I guess it migt work :-/
  7. Zedric

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    Yeah the mobo probably fits but the PSU may be different. Different pin-out. Really evil of Dell.