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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sazar, Oct 25, 2009.

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    I just fell in love with a notebook after a long time.

    I was at the launch event where a number of products, including the top of the line Alienware items were displayed but the tiny little XPS notebook was what got me :eek:

    No details on specs, outside of a C2D ULV proc. It felt snappy enough when zipping around on the desktop and launching apps/IE8 and what not.

    But, what REALLY got me was how incredibly thin this thing is :D

    Light, sturdy (no flex when lifting by just the keyboard) and it couldn't have weighed more than 2lbs. Reports say it is supposed to be 1.5lbs.

    The screen seemed to be a 12-13" screen and to open, there is no button of pulling of the screen or anything. Swipe the little sensor thingy, it makes a little click and the screen pops open a little and then you just pull it open :)

    A lot of people at the event commented on the weird look from the side of how it sat open, but in my usage, the angle of the screen and the keyboard was perfectly ergonomic.

    Since it is so light, even if you have it on your lap, it won't feel heavy or awkward (I tried it sitting down :D ) and the space created by the wedge shape/hinge process will allow for better air-flow and won't warm your lap.


    I'm going to wait till this is in the store and then I'll grab me one :D

    Can't hardly wait.

    p.s. for comparison, there was the previous Adamo, which is extremely thin in it's own right and it felt downright chunky in comparison. This notebook is ridiculous :D
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    So thats where I left my large knife....