default web page viewed via another web page?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Richai1, Jun 28, 2002.

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    Ok I have one mchine which I run winxp on and it connects to the web via adsl. I run it as an ftp server but also have a web page running on the webserver which I can access as http://machine1_name and the default web page displays.

    I have another machine connected to this via ethernet which I can connect to via machine1 as http://machine2_name and the default web page of machine2_name displays - all good so far

    I can view machine1_name via the internet as I am running a dynamic dns update client but how do I view machine2_name via the internet or rather via the internet via machine1_name?

    I imagined it would be something like

    http://machine1_name/machine2_name but obviously not:confused:

    Any advice appreciated

  2. Zedric

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    You can't, at least not straight off. I can think of two ways:

    1. Put machine2 on another port (say 81 or 20080 or so) and forward it to machine2 in machine1. That way http://machine1:81 would point to machine2.

    2. Make a virtual directory on the machine1 webserver. Call it whatever you want (machine2?) and point it to the folder containing the www root on machine2. Then http://machine1/machine2 would point to machine2. This also means you can turn off the webserver on machine2 as it isn't used.
  3. Richai1

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    How do I forward port ?

    Happy with the second option but how do I set up machine 2 so that any activity on port 81 forwards straight to machine 2 port 81?