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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by djpapakas, Jan 5, 2002.

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    I don't know how to make default refresh rates for each resolution od my screen. As I knew from the previous windows version, I could do that by selecting the refresh rates from the "display properties" window for every resolution. I try this but when I play a game for example, the refresh rate goes to 75Hz! My desktop runs at 1024x768@100Hz but any game run at 75Hz even with the same resolution... Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot...
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    I would have thought that this is a driver issue with the card itself... are you running the latest drivers or the win XP generic ones? Also what is the make and model of the card?
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    if the games are directX you can go into the directX control panel and override any refresh rate setting, just set it to what you want and there ya go :)
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    My card is the Creative GeForce2 GTS and I use the nVidia detonators 23.11.... So, I don't thing that it is a drivers issue...
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    This is an issue with XP. There has been plenty of info on this already. You either need to install nvrefreshratefix or use Powerstrip to lock the refresh rates to what you want so playing games won't change them.

    I tried the free multires but it didn't work.
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    Tahnks a lot for the advices.... Where can I find nvrefreshratefix ?
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    There are some issues with it, I'll agree. In fact I don't use it anymore. It needs to be updated more extensively with more monitor information.

    I tried it on two different monitors. It didn't display the correct refresh rate capability of those monitors, there in could be a problem if you set the refresh rate to what you know the monitor will support but nvrefreshratefix doesn't recognize it.

    I had one game black out on me at 1600x1200 at a refresh rate I had set with it that I knew the monitor supported.

    After that I took it out and just use my trusty Powerstrip. Now that's a program. It handles the refresh rates by reading/writing directly to the monitor bypassing XP altogether and has the capability to lock the refresh rates down pat. Can't get any better than that.

    The vid card overclocking in Powerstrip works the same way. BTW, so does the new Rivatuner.

    If you use nvrefreshratefix, make sure you choose a refresh rate that it shows it supports and you should be fine. There is also an option there to set all refresh rates to the maximum supported by the monitor. I didn't use that but it should work fine also.

    This is one thing that Microsoft should definitely work on. Having to have a third party program to control the refresh rates doesn't fare well for Microsoft's touted greatest OS around. I wonder how Bill Gates adjusts his refresh rates?