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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hudgie, Oct 28, 2003.

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    I have a Lexar 32 MB CF card, which used to work, which I'd been missing for a while. I found it today, adn it refuses to work! Windows won't read or format it, my digicam reads it, doesnt say that there is no card, jsut says card cannot be used, and doesn't offer to format it!. the command prompt gave me another error. all i want to do is format this to FAT so i can have another backup camera card! can anyone help? please?
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    Where did you find it?

    Check the contacts make sure they are clean and undamaged. If the contacts are dirty or corroded use a Qtip with a little alcohol to clean the dirt off. To remove corrosion you can use a CLEAN pencil eraser. Make sure to brush any rubber particles off before inserting it in any equipment If the contacts are ok you're screwed.

    Removable memory cards are delicate electronic devices. Stepping on them, sitting on them, getting them wet or dirty, dropping them, subjecting them to static electricity will destroy them. They're tiny little bits of silicon (glass) with structures a 10 millionth of an inch in size. Be gentle...
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    as you so eliquontly put it, im screwed. noit worth the effort anyway. jsut 32MB. woulda been nice to have the back of like 40 pix on my 2MP cam. well, such is life. thanks anyway
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    oh and sorry about the spelling and 'noit's and 'jsut's in both of my posts. i dunno whats with me today :(