Dead Animation.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Leevoy, Nov 5, 2003.

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    O.K. whilst searching the web last night I was LQQKING for some filters and came across a website with an example of a filter and what it can do.

    I clicked on it to download it to view in from desktop.
    I have win media classic installed which was part of real alternative/quick alternative.

    It played o.k. in win classic media player.

    I then was browsing my own sites and I noticed, hey animation has stopped on .gif's :(

    I thought mmm this must be a problem with the applications I installed a few weeks back, so I uninstalled them.

    After reboot, the animations started to work again.
    So I reinstalled real/quick alternative.

    Animation then stopped :mad:

    This morning I uninstalled the said applications, rebooted and the animation does not work in any browser now.

    NE1 have ne ideas how to correct this?

    Will be grateful for help:cool:
  2. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    Well I cleaned out all the caches, for all the browser and set all setting to defaults, rebooted and they started to work again.

    I am sure that there is another instance that caused this.