DDR not all its cracked up to be

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wile, Dec 16, 2001.

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    I am running a 1.1 athlon with 512 Ecc sdram. I recently turned green with envy at my M8's 1.4 256DDR machine, the load ups were way quicker the 3Dmark2001 way higher yet my friend is now wishing he held off with the DDR machine as the thing has been back to the manufacturer twice both times with memory related problems. DDR is quicker but it loses with reliability. It needs more reinstals and higher maintenance. I was going to upgrade the motherboard and processor in the Spring but I think I will save some money and get another 512 SDRAM keep the motherboard and only get a new processor.
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    hmm... not sure I agree with your methodology.

    If you are basing your analysis of DDR on your friend's experience alone, I think it might be wise to reconsider. To illustrate, I am obviously not going to conclude that all japanese girls have incredibly amazing bodies, just because the one I'm dating does ... similarly, it would be foolish to conclude that all DDR RAM must be of poor quality and need more maintenance (maintenance??) than the old, slow SDRAM, just because your friend's mass-produced machine has some problems... (btw just kidding about the japanese girl thing, lol)

    On this page reviewing the new Hammer core from AMD, Anand mentions how DDR RAM can increase the performance of an Athlon CPU by 20-30% - by no means a negligible increase, obviously. Also, in every newsgroup/forum I've been to, I've never heard ANYONE talking about DDR RAM being more prone to failure than any other kind of RAM...

    I guess my point is that while you may have your own opinion about the matter (and having one's own opinion is a good thing!) it might be wise to do further research before formualting said opinion, and avoid basing it on the experience of just one of your m8's. There are thousands out there who use DDR and love it! Plus, look at those benchmarks!

    peace / mavis
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    Re Mavises comment

    Thank you Mavis, that is exactly why I posted this thread. If I hear more personal good experiences not backed up by %ages and performances I may change mind after all isnt that what forums are for. I am still not convinced tho so tell me you have it and you love it.
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    well actually I'm still using an old 33MHz, I hear these newfangled 'puters are bad fer the health... :)

    Yeah I have 512MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM and I love it... I couldn't tell you specs (I don't clock my RAM, anyway it's only CAS2.5) lol but it works great for me. Never had a problem with it and probably gonna buy another 512MB in January...

    Actually come to think of it, I've never had any bad experience with any of my hardware, at least so bad that a visit to these forums didn't solve it.


    go buy a new mobo! help the economy! buy a buttload of DDR RAM! You'll love it!! :)
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    DDR memory is by definition faster than SDRAM. The fact that your friend had problems is more likely the result of using cheap ram rather than the type of ram. Or it could have just been a bad memory module.

    I have an Athlon XP 1600 with an ASUS A7V266-E motherboard and PC2100 DDR and it works great. But I build my own so I know exactly what I am getting.
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    Just like jw50 here, i'm using an asus a7v kt266e with ddr ram and everything is just nice and smooth. I can even push the cpu a tad further (1644mhz) and it's stable. Your friend might have indeed bought ram with no quality and that's causing all the problems. I'd advise you to get ddr if you can (taking care of what brand are you going to go for) because it is indeed faster and more performant than simple sdram.

    BTW: below my name i can see "XP Home". Can someone let me know what is it exactly and where can i change that to XP Professional (which i am actually using). Or is it something automatic ?

    Thanks !
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    You can change the XP Home by clicking on the user cp icon at the top of the page and editing your profile.
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    i can't find it :p

    i need some magnifying glasses :/
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    Just scroll up to the top of the page, under the "n" in XP-erience is an icon that says user cp, it is the first one in the group of icons that say user cp, register, calendar, members, faq, search, and home.

    Click on user cp and then select edit profile.
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    Thanx namco

    Thanx for your reply. I was expecting to hear some horror stories about DDR so far quite the opposite is happening. I may well change my mind and go for the motherboard upgrade in the spring.
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    You're welcome. But if you do run into trouble check your settings carefully and make sure you get quality RAM. No need to be top-tech, but cheap-ass RAM won't do in most cases....

    Enjoy !