DCC send in IRC on an XP LAN (cant .... :( )

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SkunkMonkey, Dec 17, 2001.

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    I use mIRC 5.91 on a 2 PC Lan with crossed cable (both running XP) sharing a cable connection.

    I cant send files from mIRC (or any other, for that matter.) I'm told it's a firewall problem, but aint any the wiser. (I'm on client machine....host machine can send no probs)

    I'm told this is the place to go for correct, fast answers.

    Any help would induce lots of humping, probably.... :D

    Ta d00ds
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    DCC in mirc behind a gatweay = pain in the ass :)

    what you need to do is MAP ports to allow the client to pass through the gateway....

    In MIRC DCC options

    you will see DCC ports : start 1024 and last 5000

    Reduce them to say

    start 1024

    last 1027

    Now map them ports 1024 -1027 to the client machines IP address

    Note : Punching a hole through NAT may be a security risk.
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    Map the ports, map the ports...how does one do that?

    And how much of a security risk is this gonna cause? As much as i'd like this to work, i dont want port party at mine :/

    Cheers man
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    i cant seem to dcc full stop!
    recieve is fine
    sending i cant
    weird :)
    i would say mapping but imon ICS and also that the host cant send either

    ah well :)
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    You have to map a specific range of ports. If your gateway machine is XP, the port mapping is built in. If the gateway is 98/ME, use the tool at Practically Networked. Read the "readme" at the top of the forum. There is a link there to a guide on ICS. It will answer all your questions

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    If you (or anyone else) is behind a Cisco 67x series DSL modem/router, then you need to add nat entries to allow mIRC to send stuff via DCC.

    Once you are telneted into the router, and are at enable level (type 'en' once at cbos prompt, and enter password)

    set nat entry add YOUR_INTERNAL_IP 1024-1027 * 1024-1027 tcp

    (YOUR_INTERNAL_IP will probably appear as 10.0.0.* or 192.168.0.*)

    This also works for udp ports, which is used by ICQ for some features. Just replace the port range with whatever you want, and replace 'tcp' with 'udp'

    (i.e. set nat entry add YOUR_INTERNAL_IP 10000-12000 * 10000-12000 udp)

    If you are sure that no one else on your LAN will need any sort of specific port access (or your pretty confident that they will never figure out what you did :D.....) than you can go ahead and every port you could want. This has some security risks, as it puts all the firewalling responsibilities on the client machine, which isnt always taht big of deal.....

    Use two commands to do it:

    'set nat entry add YOUR_INTERNAL_IP 7-65000 * 7-65000 tcp'
    'set nat entry add YOUR_INTERNAL_IP 7-65000 * 7-65000 udp'
    and finally

    voila....your servers work, and so does mirc, icq, and everything else.

    Hopefully that helps u DSL router owners out a bit.
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    I have this same problem with MSN messenger...