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    Hi guys,

    Yesterday my striped volume failed and I'm having problems recovering the data. I run Win2k3 SBS SP2, with four IDE HD's. One 80Gb HD is basic, devided in three partitions for the OS, user home folders and the swap. The other three disks are Seagetes 320Gb, 1 of them DYNAMIC GPT partition and the last two dynamic striped partition. It's the last two that have failed.

    In device manager the disk set showed up as 2 x dynamic drive FOREIGN and 2 x dynamic drive MISSING. When trying to import the FOREIGN volume nothing was happening, and two event were logged in Event Viewer:

    1. Unspecified error occurred
    2. The disk has no valid configuration copies

    When trying to bring the MISSING disk online I was getting the windows hourglass briefly and nothing happened. No events were logged.

    The striped volume set contains alomost 500Gb of data which I would have to recover. I have no idea how to proceed. I was screwing around and accidently changed the disk type to BASIC on one of the disks from the striped set. Then I completely lost my temper (was skrewing around for 4 hours) and converted the disk back to dynamic, deleted the MISSING disks, and re-created the striped RAID array, without formatting the disks. The disks has not been formatted though, so I think the data should still be there. The second disk is still ok, no config was changed there. Now I have a new striped volume set, with a new drive letter assigned aith inaccessible drive (not formatted). I was wondering if there still was a way to recover the 0.5Tb data residing on that disk?

    ANY ideas are more than welcome.

    Pls help.


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    GetDataBack for NTFS v3.03 - you could give that a go, dont know if it works on raid but cant hurt to try
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    I'll give that a try, thnx Carpo