Darwin Award Candidate?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Hipster Doofus, Oct 29, 2003.

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    This guy is a total loser & yes he's an aussie. Saw this on the news a couple of days ago. This was all video taped so hopefully it will be on the net soon

    He goes to the local park. Puts mattresses near the public toilets. Climbs on top of the toilet block. With him is his trusted push bike. He is doused in a flammable fluid & set alight. He starts peddling towards the ramp at the other end of the block........then......WHAM he is up & over in a fiery ball. And I mean fiery. The flames were huge.

    Of course not having enough speed (The accelerant caused the tires to slip & he had no grip on the back wheel) he goes up the ramp & straight down. He should have put those mattresses closer to the toilets. That in itself must have hurt big time.

    He jumps up enclosed in flames. It was hard to see his body outline. He was burning good.

    Now this guy has thought ahead to this point of his stunt. He has a 44 gallon drum of water to put himself out with.

    He starts running around to find the drum. The flames are getting bigger. He finds it & stuffs his head into it. No go, he is still engulfed in flames. By this time he is running around like a headless chook flames reaching high into the night sky.

    Anyway that's where the video ended. He is now in hospital with broken bones & burns.

    Talk about a dipstick.

    Hell it was funny though. I has tears streaming down my face.

    Can't wait to see his next stunt.

    So what do you reckon? I think he will will up for a Darwin Award very soon.
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    darwin awards are only handed out to candidates who have removed themselves from the gene pool...

    IF he is unable to ever reproduce again or dies... he may well be included :)

    otherwise... no chance...

    as it stands... its a pretty daft guy.. but IMO... not darwin worthy...
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  4. leedogg

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    I think these type of incidents get honorable mentions from the darwin awards.
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    Pretty entertaining...idiocy knows no bounds when it comes to us people ;)