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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Daviesbad04, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Well It finally happened, my perfect PC (NOT) With the most stable version of Windows (NOT) has a problem. I cant run any D3D applications like Test Drive 5, Motocross, FS2002, NHL2002, u guys get the picture. I just get this error: A 3D Graphics card is needed to play ~watever~. I tried updating my drivers, trying tweaking my card, tried UNtweaking it, try raising and lowering the IRQ i tried everything and nothing, the thing is i can run windows with the all the perdy colors and stuff, but i cant run 3D apps cuz they dont recognize my card anymore. Can someone pleeze help cuz if i lose my 3D gaming ill have to go outside with the normal ppl!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

    P.S. I took a screenie of wut it says about my Graphics card, it seems 2 be fine altho in the part i have highlighted i dont remember it saying that, maybe thats wut wrong, or maybe im just stupid:p
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    if you could post a screenie like the one you did of the error message and your system specs I am sure someone will help you out :D

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    You are using the nVidia Detonator drivers and not the Windows update drivers correct? If not, you need to run the nVidia Detonator XP drivers in order to get 3D acceleration:


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    Well i dont really now how to tell ya my specs cuz im not a 100% computer wiz but here goes nothing:

    Compaq 5000 PC
    AMD Duron 750Mhz
    VIA KT133A
    CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives
    2 partitioned 30GB WD Hard Disk
    Geforce 2 MX400 with 64MB memory
    Compaq MV720 Monitor

    lol, i dunno what else to tell ya, if anyone need any specific extra info just let me now

    P.S. to JJB6486 I am using the digitally signed detonator XP's from Nvidia not the ones from Windows Update......

    I was playing games normally 2 nights ago and then yesterday morning for no reason i try to run FS2002 and it says that its gonna run in safe mode cuz no 3D hardware could be found!
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    :eek: DirectX diag may give you a hint.
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    try reinstalling directx 8.1. that fixed a friend of mine's problems.