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    so one of the people on my network got a virus and screwed up our router. so he got rid of it and we setup the router again and now the download speeds are incredibly slow. We used to get very fast download speeds like in 200 kb/s and now we get like 40or 50 kb/s. I looked through all the settings and found nothing. just to get all the specs out of the way we have a cable modem with 1.5Mbps and 128 upload speeds. are there any settings to make the speed go back to what it used to be or am I just screwed. If I need to provide more info I would be happy to
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    The virus screwed up the router?? That sounds very odd. Who writes a virus to attack a specific brand of router?

    I'm not sure this is a setting in the router. Have you tried just plugging one computer in? What speeds do you get?
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    since this is a wireless router... are those speeds from being directly connected or wirelessly connected?

    if it is wireless... log in to your router and turn on 4x signal boost or speed or whatever it is that the setting is in your router's setup...

    I have the same router and I get high dl rates... perhaps you need to upgrade the firmware too... just make absolutely sure you read all directions for installation of the upgrades...