cut and pasting between partitions. losing space because of it.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by get1tg00d, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. get1tg00d

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    if i cut from one partition and paste it to another the partition i cut it from stays at the same size it was before i cut and pasted. and if i cut and paste it back i loose space (like having it there twice but its only there once).

    if i copy and paste it into another partition and delete it it will give me the space back.

    is the how it should work or is something wrong and if it is what the heck to i do to fix it.
  2. stuy_b

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    Why not use the Move to instead of cut and past. Afew less keystrokes.
  3. get1tg00d

    get1tg00d Guest

    to make things clearer, because i know that was kinda hard to read.

    i just clean installed win xp and partitioned my drive. i had a 600mb file and that was it on one partition. i cut that 600mb file and pasted it onto another partition when i checked to see how much space was left it still had that 600mb gone but there was no files on that partition anymore. so i cut and pasted it back and it took 600mb more off and it took 600mb off the other partition too. so i have no files anymore on that partition but im still missing like 1.2gb. copy and pasting then deleting gives me back the space, but i'm still missing that 1.2gb. hope that helps.

    do you think the move function would still take off the 600mb because i don't want to try and lose more space, but i will if i have to.
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    It sounds like something isn't getting reset at the time of the cut/paste operation. Do another one, look at the size reference, reboot and see if it's changed. If it has [changed to the correct size] then it's my guess that something is failing to be updated in the registry at the time of the operation. I wouldn't worry about it then... probably one of those 'put that on the back burner' tasks and is probably by design.
  5. get1tg00d

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    i just figured out was wrong. norton protected recycle bin. i have to purge all protected so i just turned it down to 0%. does anyone know away to turn that feature off norton antivirus.
  6. AmarSingh

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    right click on your recycling bin and choose properties, then click the norton protection tab and you can disable it for each drive there.

    ps. its not important...but its actually a part of norton utilities not antivirus
  7. get1tg00d

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    thanks. i just said it was the antivirus because i don't have utilities and when i installed Norton Antivirus Professional it showed up. thanks again.