Customize win 98 with XP stuff??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chez_the_great, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. Does any one know if it is possible to whether you can change the windows 98 taskbar with a windows XP desktop theme?? My comp is not strong enough to run XP, but yet i want ot have the cool start bar. Even if someone knows how to customize the win98 bar with something different, i know there is way, but i do not know how to.

    Would ya let me know if ya know ya self.

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    your comp not good enuf to run xp? are u sure? look at my comp specs in my signature and tell me if u meet that...btw, my comp blazes away at games...
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    Shell Replacement

    There is a really nice shell replacement havent found any bugs in it yet and it uses less memory then explorer and has many themes to download..even a theme of XP.
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    I ran Windows XP Pro on a PII 400MHz, 128 Mb RAM and a Neo-Magic magicgraph 128 (2Mb vid. memory) and that ran ok so if ur computer cant handle xp u should consider replacing it.:D
  6. reply to mt own thread!!

    My comp has a 166mhz cpu, 136mg ram, how crap is that. The day i get a decent comp, is the day Bill Gates goes bankrupt!!


    I think that has prooven my point a little, but if anybody knows how then let me know.
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    Ok, that is slow :D

    a friend of mine runs windows 2000 pro on a p200 with 64mb RAM and a 2 (possibly 4) mb onboard graphics card and it runs sloooooooow.

    upgrading mb, cpu and ram isn't that expensive. and a lot of mb come with half decent onboard G and S cards
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    Thats pretty good compared to my friends pc. Hes running Windows ME on a Pentium Pro 136MHz, 32Mb RAM and a 2GB Hard Drive. What a lump of sh*t. When he tries to shutdown it says "Not enought Memory to shut down. Please delete some items from the recycle-bin." So he goes to the recycle-bin and tries to delete the small files and gets the message "Not enough memory to delete". LOL what a lump of crap