Custom pc benchmark Competition

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by tommy, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. tommy

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    Salisbury. England
    It would be interesting if we all had a go at this to see where we are with our pc's, and what needs of upgrading should be highest on our to do list, :)
    I believe this is only available for uk users, you'll have to check.
    Go out and get this months edition of custom pc. It's the beat the office pc competition and very interesting to all you benchers out there. Disk comes with the mag and no i don't work for the company i just thought it would be cool for us all who can enter and post some scores.

  2. Lee

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    I already built a new one so have upgraded, but I will check the mag out I stopped buying pc mags as osnn and a couple of other sites give me what I need.