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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by V12Kid, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. V12Kid

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    Whenever I connect to a server I get kicked out at the connection screen. I am running a fresh install of XP Pro with a Voodoo 5 and didnt have this prob before the new install. I also run wicked gl as well. Anyone know why i get kicked out as I log onto the server? Help is appreciated.
  2. Faner

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    What does it say? Are you just logged to the menu or the console, in which case: Does it give you a reason like "Kicked by Admin" or what?
  3. V12Kid

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    well i just found out its a voodoo problem, cause 2 of my friends who have both each have a voodoo 3 and 4 have the same problem as me....It takes me to the Desktop when its connecting..my friend said he can play LAN GAMES but not on any other server? understand?
  4. Faner

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    Yep, got it. But can't help you though... I'm using GeForce (which is much better :D, in my experience....) If it really is a Voodoo problem that is. I had the same problem once, solved it by changing to OpenGL instead of DirectX...
  5. zoloto

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    wicked gj

    yuck, just use the regular opengl drivers for the voodoo series.

    muck better
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    i used to use a voodoo 2 to play CS and it worked fine. in your video settings, do you have the driver set to 3dfx mini driver or default? try playing around with the settings to see what works.