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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by BOiNG, Jun 13, 2002.

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    Hey guys,

    I have installed cs 1.5 and the HL update. When I try to connect to a server i get the following error... Error! server verification failed. Can anyone help me with this problem please. Thanks
  2. AndyP

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    Do you get this problem on all servers, or just some? I know that not all the servers are updated yet so that could be the problem. Also is your cd-key 100% legit (not from a friend/keygen etc.)? Because Valve has disabled a lot of the cd-keys that have been floating around, and disabled those that has been caught cheating
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    i think andyp is correct. most of the servers haven't had a chance to run the update yet. give it a couple of days...
  4. BOiNG

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    It happens when i try to connect to a cs 1.5 server aswell and I'm using a legit cd key too
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    From the offcial site, should solve your problems...

    "Error! Server verification failed" Problem
    This error is caused by the client's inability to communicate with the Secure Master servers to validate the security module being used on secure servers. It can be caused by a few different problems. Here are some things to try:

    1) Clients need to communicate with the Secure Master servers (port 27012). First, make sure there isn't a firewall problem.

    2) Make sure you do NOT have a file called "woncomm.lst" in your \cstrike folder. If you do, delete it. This file should ONLY reside in your \valve folder.

    3) Open the "woncomm.lst" file in your \valve folder (using notepad) and make sure there is an entry that looks like this at the bottom of the file:


    4) If your "woncomm.lst" file DOES have the "Secure" entry and you still can't connect to the Secure Master servers, it might be a DNS problem. Try changing your "Secure" entry to look like this:


    "TrackerUI.dll invalid" Problem
    This error is harmless and doesn't mean anything. To remove the error from your console, simply follow the same steps outlined for F1 and F2 binding problems (below).

    F1 and F2 Binding Problem
    To be able to bind your F1 and F2 keys: Go to your Half-Life (or Counter-Strike Retail) directory, open the "valve" folder, open the "cl_dlls" folder, and rename the file "GameUI.dll" to something else (i.e. "GameUI.bak"). You should be able to bind your F1 and F2 keys again.