crushed cpu?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by i95722, Oct 3, 2002.

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    My friend had a Tbird 1200, and all the signs pointed to it being bad. He said he had put on a new heat sink and fan just prior. How do you tell if the cpu got "crushed"? What are some signs to look for. The chip looks normal, just dead.... I am just curious....Thanks
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    Can the PC be turned on while it is in the socket?

    Does the PC turn on when another chip is in the socket?

    If the PC turned on but the usual Green LED for power isn't on, then the CPU is dead. If the PC turns on but the usual Green LED is on, then it might be working :/

    If the PC turns on when another chip is put in, then you eliminate it being your Motherboard and you can be pretty sure its the Chip.

    Oh wellz.. Next time go purchase a copper shim.
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    Just because the led doesn't come on doesn't mean anything... I've had my led not come for no reason. When that happens I just flick the master power switch on the back of the psu off and then on... and then my led comes back on. It's weird, I know, but my cpu still works whether or not my led is on.
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    check the fan is connected and see if its connected the right way round and i mean on the terminals or might have a dry joint or a lose connection if you can get another fan and try it out
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    take the HSF off and see if there is any visible damage
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    Thanks everyone....there is no visible damage....the led does light up, but it won't post, and no bios beeps are given, just a blank screen...... I guess the only thing to try is another mobo to see if cpu works or another cpu to see if motherboard is at fault.....
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    not ure if your cpu is crushed... but ever since i bought a shim a year ago, i won't put together an athlon without one. just makes perfect sense.