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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fimchick, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Hi this is a really dumb question, but...
    I want to do ICS w/ my desktop and laptop. I put in a 2nd NIC in the desktop, my question is: Do I need a crossover cable to hook up the desktop and laptop NIC's together or a straight-through cable?

  2. yez you need it. to do this just simply change colour code : this is the original colour code for the calbe : white-green,green,white-orange,blue,white-blue,orange,white-brown,brown. and the other site of the cable you have to use this color code : white-orange,orange,white-green,white-blue,blue,green,brown,white-brown.

    remember you keep both the connectors the same way!

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    ack, just go buy one at a local cable supplier for like $5 or so.. pretty cheap anyhow..
  4. umm..this might be a little easier to understand........

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    spike, would u happen to have a bigger clearer higher resolution of that pic? i want it just for reference.....

    i have a reference pic of the parallel port if anyone's interested..... we had to use it for comp engineering class
  6. heres one thats alittle bigger/clearer - i shrunk that other one so it would load faster for you slow connect guys
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    this is what I did...

    I have a computer that is running windows 2k server (witch is my server) and one that running windows XP pro... I have my server set up as a DNS, DHCP, NAT, Router... I'm using a cross over cable... don't much like the ICS... but thats just me :D

    Theres really no point in my story, I had a little to much to drink.. heheheh :D